SMARTER Communities Magazine Edition 02/2019

Strata Matters

Unbuilding cities as high-rises reach their use-by date

Implosion is the most dramatic way of demolishing a building but it’s also the most wasteful and hazardous.


Let the Lunar festivities begin

While many strata residents welcomed in the new year on December 31, the celebrations are only just beginning for those who choose to follow the Chinese calendar.


January 26 – Australia Day is for all Australians

There are many ways to participate in Australia Day. It’s the day to celebrate what it means being Australian, regardless of our origins. A day to acknowledge, respect and reflect on Australia’s history.


New year, new chance for first home buyers

2020 will be the year around 10,000 first home buyers finally get a place to call their own.


Most Popular Articles

Strata Matters

Ways to be more water-wise

Ways you can do your bit to help limit the impact of Australia’s H20 crisis.


Hoping to get in shape for summer?

Ditch the fads in favour of a diet more likely to stick. The benefits of a juice cleanse or detox aren’t likely to be sustained over time.


Edible delectables homegrown in units

Not every household has the resources to sustain themselves solely from growing their own fruit and vegetables. But thanks to increasing interest in urban farming even those who live in confined spaces can now enjoy delicious nutritious homegrown produce.


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Strata Matters

The essence of etiquette with apartment living

Etiquette: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular group, such as a body corporate.


Bushfires and drought – how you can help

How you can show your support for those impacted by drought or fire.


The best world events 2020

Next year marks much more than just the 20th year of the third millennium or the first year of the 2020 decade.


Why everyone should have a valid Will

Making a Will, more painful than a dental appointment?

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