SMARTER Communities Magazine Edition 04/2020

Strata Matters

A tribute to essential workers, especially our strata heroes

Our strata essential workers are the everyday heroes who have helped support us during our time of crisis.


7 tips to help kids feeling anxious about going back to school

As COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted, some children may experience social anxiety about the prospect of returning to school.


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea starts May 28

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is going to be a little different this year… virtually different!


How to wrestle back control of your finances

Simple ways to reducing your household spending in the wake of the coronavirus.


Most Popular Articles

Strata Matters

Caring beyond the contract

The simplicity of taking care of one another can be missed in today’s society, but at what expense?


Scams and fraudulent activity on the rise

Beware of numerous coronavirus scams targeting unsuspecting people around the country.


Stronger together – staying digitally connected

In recent times social distancing restrictions have seen Australians use of video applications explode. But how can those who are less confident online ensure they remain digitally connected to those they care about?


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Recommended Articles

Strata Matters

COVID-19: Preparing a building for worst case scenario

When action plans are needed more than ever before.


5 reasons why Zoom meetings are so exhausting

Spending more time on video meeting applications during this pandemic could be reason why we are left cognitively and emotionally drained.


Pandemic-proof technologies

In recent months Smarter Communities has brought you many articles on how technology can bring people closer. We thought it was time we brought you one that was precisely the opposite.


Additional help is at hand

The government is rolling out much needed health and care benefits to millions of Australians as the devastating impacts of COVID-19 begin to bite.

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