SMARTER Communities Magazine Edition 04/2020

Strata Matters

Join us at The Shared Space Summit this Friday

Our good friend Sam Reece from Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA) will be online for free this Friday, but you need to register!


Happy Father's Day
Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day may be celebrated a little differently this year but that’s the perfect excuse to add some creativity to how you commemorate dad.


September 10 is national R U OK? Day

Mental health charity R U OK? are asking us to reach out to our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to ask how they are really doing.


What does the perfect buyer look like?
Supporting small businesses

It’s the Australian way to help those who need a hand, and right now some small businesses are struggling.


Most Popular Articles

Strata Matters

From chemical engineer to community manager

Chemistry and engineering graduate Barbara Lo wanted to future-proof her career and felt property management was the perfect vehicle from which to do it.


Why cleaning schedules are important

Few of us enjoy cleaning but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be your most hated task.


Caring is quite literally sharing

When Victorian colleagues go to 5km lengths to make another smile… priceless.


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Recommended Articles

Strata Matters

Free online summit for strata property owners

Hear from world-leading experts on community, property and law from September 15-18.


Serum versus moisturiser

What’s the difference between these two and do we need both? We ask SCOUT Cosmetics founder, Sylvie Hutchings


Easy gardens that don’t lose the pot

Clustered potted gardens look great indoors and out with options to suit any space and taste.


Scams alert – be very cautious

An increase of scams targeting unsuspecting people are catching us unaware. Don’t be another statistic.

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