SMARTER Communities Magazine Edition 02/2019

Strata Matters

Defects affect owner confidence

To keep apartments as the preferred choice of housing buyers need to feel confident their purchase will be well-maintained to offer longevity and security.


Valentine’s Day is for all to experience

The romantic meaning of Valentine’s Day has existed since the Middle Ages. It is celebrated every year on February 14 and traditionally it is the day to show your affection for another person or people by sending messages of love through a card, flowers or gift.


Environmentally friendly acts

Climate change and what you can do about it.


‘I wouldn’t want to buy even if I had the money.’

The rise of renters by choice. The private rental sector has expanded at more than twice the rate of the increase in Australian households in the last two decades.


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Strata Matters

Unbuilding cities as high-rises reach their use-by date

Implosion is the most dramatic way of demolishing a building but it’s also the most wasteful and hazardous.


Help prevent coronavirus
Help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

Everyone should take precautions and practise good hygiene habits every day to protect against infections.


Gardening as therapy?

Sewing the seed for a healthy future. Scientists have recently confirmed that spending time in the outdoors and surrounding yourself with greenery is associated with better health and better psychological wellbeing.


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Strata Matters

Ways to be more water-wise

Ways you can do your bit to help limit the impact of Australia’s H20 crisis.


Bushfires and drought – how you can help

How you can show your support for those impacted by drought or fire.


The best home tech trends

The gadgets you won’t be able to live without in the year ahead.


New year, new chance for first home buyers

2020 will be the year around 10,000 first home buyers finally get a place to call their own.

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