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Strata Committees. What are they and who can go on them? Kate found herself accidentally joining her strata committee after she attended her first meeting, a move she does not regret.


Australians love of real estate shows few signs of waning

Australian’s fascination with the property market has been well documented. But how does our obsession stack up against other real estate fanatics from around the globe?


The art of entertaining children in small spaces

Part of the attraction of moving into an apartment or townhouse is the fact you have a lot less space in which to maintain. On the down side it necessitates the need for a bit of added creativity when it comes to entertaining younger family members.


Strata insurance – am I covered?

Strata owners often get confused about their insurance needs, especially those new to strata living. This confusion can place them at risk of being underinsured or worse, not being covered.…


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Strata Matters

Know your legal responsibilities with tenant eviction

The sad fact is not every tenant will care for your investment like it’s their own. Landlords can often tell of a horror tenant story they experienced, or that happened to a fellow-investor.


The how, when, where and why of blogging

Blogs are a great way to generate awareness about yourself, your interests or your brand. But knowing just how and when to start can prove daunting.


Edible delectables homegrown in units

Not every household has the resources to sustain themselves solely from growing their own fruit and vegetables. But thanks to increasing interest in urban farming even those who live in confined spaces can now enjoy delicious nutritious homegrown produce.


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Strata Matters

Alternate pets for strata living

Pets in apartments can be the cause of much pleasure or much pain when it comes to closely confined living, making it more important than ever to ensure your choice in animal suits both you and your neighbours.


Four simple food choices that help you lose weight and stay healthy

It’s difficult to lose weight. And it’s even harder to keep it off. Many people achieve short-term weight-loss only to return to their previous lifestyle choices – and their previous weight – over time


Spending your golden years on the Gold Coast

Many people undertake sea changes in their quest for a new adventure. But how is a sea change defined and does it still count if your move involves a change from a standalone house to a strata titled unit?


You can’t always bank on your lender for strata purchases

Where, when and what you choose as your first strata investment can have an enormous impact on how much a lender is willing to let you borrow.

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