First home buyer confidence is returning

New data reveals the length of time it will take first home buyers to save before seeking a home loan.

Future-proofing your rental

Tips on how strata investors can prevent their apartment from remaining empty during tough times.

What does the perfect buyer look like?

Supporting small businesses

It’s the Australian way to help those who need a hand, and right now some small businesses are struggling.

Scams alert – be very cautious

An increase of scams targeting unsuspecting people are catching us unaware. Don’t be another statistic.

Claiming maximum investment property tax benefits

Investors are encouraged to take advantage of the available tax depreciation benefits of their investment property this tax season.

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Strata Matters

Home Buyers
Property sales tips

Things to consider if you’re considering selling your strata residence in the year ahead.


Location: why up to two-thirds of property investors get it wrong
Location: why up to two-thirds of property investors get it wrong

How likely is it that where you happen to live will always outperform every other location?

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