Chinese experience informs our reverse mortgage market

Older Australians could be more likely to use reverse mortgages if they were flexible and easy to understand, and if they were marketed to both older residents and their adult children, according to research done by UNSW Business School. 

The F word

Interest rates have never been so low with claims they could fall further still so when it comes to your mortgage is it best to fix or float?

When price and value don’t stack up

There are risks with any investment. But what should you do when your valuation doesn’t stack up against the price you agreed to pay for your off the plan property?

Energy rebates – are you getting the help you need?

An unexpectedly high energy bill can be a rude shock. However, most state governments offer a range of rebates that can help alleviate some of the stress.

School enrolment zones could impact the value of your property

School catchment zones can be incredibly influential when it comes to determining the value of your strata investment. You just have to purchase in the right area.

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Strata Matters

Alternate pets for strata living

Pets in apartments can be the cause of much pleasure or much pain when it comes to closely confined living, making it more important than ever to ensure your choice in animal suits both you and your neighbours.

Strata Matters

Standing up to committee bullies – you are NOT welcome here

Message to strata bullies: bodies corporates and owners corporations operate as democracies, not as dictatorships.

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