Claiming maximum investment property tax benefits

Investors are encouraged to take advantage of the available tax depreciation benefits of their investment property this tax season.


Investors seek post-pandemic assistance from the ATO

We already know there are a number of initiatives set to help soften the financial blow of COVID-19 on individual taxpayers but how is the ATO helping property investors?


How to wrestle back control of your finances

Simple ways to reducing your household spending in the wake of the coronavirus.

woman and phone

Why it pays to work from home

COVID-19 restrictions have forced more Australians than ever to work from home. A move that could pay big dividends when it comes to filing your tax return.

The law always wins

Financial assistance packages targeted at renters

COVID-19 has left many of Australia’s eight million residential renters and their landlords facing economic hardship but help is beginning to filter through.

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Strata Matters

The essence of etiquette with apartment living
The essence of etiquette with apartment living

Etiquette: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular group, such as a body corporate.


Lovethy Neighbor
Community spirit surpasses virus threat

As residents living in an apartment building or high-density community development, we all have responsibilities.

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