City living versus life in the suburbs

Do you buy a home in a high-density area, close to the CBD, with a public transport network at your doorstep, or do you choose to spread out a little more on your own patch of land further out from the city with greater travel-to-work times?

Financial planning consultation

Buying and selling in a strata space

Whether you’re a downsizer looking into a vertical community or a growing family hoping to move into a house, there are some ins and outs you should be aware of when it comes to strata-titled homes.


The end of the road for car ownership?

Increasing costs, congestion and a lack traditional transport options means Australian cities are witnessing a shift away from traditional transport options. But in light of the popularity of the car and ride sharing movement, is there still a place for private car ownership?

Senior Contract

Estate Planning: Staying in control

No one wants to think about what will happen after they pass away, or if they become ill. But no matter what stage of adult life you are in, putting plans in place for future scenarios is an essential part of maintaining control and peace of mind.

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Scams alert – be very cautious

An increase of scams targeting unsuspecting people are catching us unaware. Don’t be another statistic.


Scams and fraudulent activity on the rise

Beware of numerous coronavirus scams targeting unsuspecting people around the country.

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