woman and phone

Why it pays to work from home

COVID-19 restrictions have forced more Australians than ever to work from home. A move that could pay big dividends when it comes to filing your tax return.

The law always wins

Financial assistance packages targeted at renters

COVID-19 has left many of Australia’s eight million residential renters and their landlords facing economic hardship but help is beginning to filter through.

Helping Hand

Additional help is at hand

The government is rolling out much needed health and care benefits to millions of Australians as the devastating impacts of COVID-19 begin to bite.

Online Help

Hardship assistance is out there

Support is available for those in need from a range of providers and institutions.

Family Help

Financial literacy key to savings

Top tips to help your adult children save enough to get into their first strata residence.

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Strata Matters

Owners Corporation and service to members

Most owners are aware of the functions of an Owners Corporation but did you know an Owners Corporation can also undertake other functions, called “a service”, to its members and occupiers when not obliged to do so?

Strata Matters

Beyond Opal: a 10-point plan to fix the residential building industry

The failure of the Opal Tower building in Sydney has highlighted the poor quality of speculatively built multi-unit housing in Australia

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