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Strata insurance – am I covered?

Strata owners often get confused about their insurance needs, especially those new to strata living. This confusion can place them at risk of being underinsured or worse, not being covered. One common misunderstanding is owners believe their personal contents will be covered by their strata building insurance policy. It’s not. It is important to have clear understanding of residential strata…

Reseve Bank

Zero inflation means the Reserve Bank should cut rates

Vital signs. Zero inflation means the Reserve Bank should cut rates as soon as it can, on Tuesday week


You can’t always bank on your lender for strata purchases

Where, when and what you choose as your first strata investment can have an enormous impact on how much a lender is willing to let you borrow.


Tips to generate repeat sales for future developments

The foundation of successful businesses is built on customer retention. Analysis shows returning customers are the most profitable.


Health premiums up, rebates down – a new tiered system

This year’s premium increase is small in comparison to previous years – but it still outweighs wage inflation.

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Strata Matters

When water supply pipes go bad

Having water supply to your home is fundamental to modern living. It’s a vital resource we often take for granted. So when that supply is compromised because of pipe damage, you’ll want it sorted fast.

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