Property investors on the look-out

The secrets behind what investors seek when looking to invest in strata.

Seeking options

The key to attracting good tenants

The rental property sector goes through cycles and right now it seems to be in favour of tenants. The growth in rented dwellings has accelerated over the past five years, with Census data confirming a compound increase of 52,770 new rented dwellings per year since 2011. This is good news for tenants, but not so good for landlords. What this…

Reseve Bank

Back-to-back Reserve Bank cuts take interest rates to a low of 1%

The Reserve Bank has cut the official interest rate by another 0.25 percentage points to a new low of 1%, reflecting continuing concern over the slow economy.


Maximise tax benefits from your investment property

Research indicates more than one million Australian property investors fail to claim free money owing to them because they overlook some important tax deductions.

MELB Metro

Urbis report details the good and the bad for the strata market

Apartment sales are down nationally but the research points to good news for investors willing to be brave.

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