Happy homes for HSC teens

What elements are key when designing strata spaces for both you and your teen to exist in peace.

A smart buy?

Australians are in love with smart technology but what should you consider when purchasing a smart speaker with voice assistant capabilities?

Interior trends you’ll love

Your time is precious so consider these when looking for stylish yet practical labour-saving devices.

Road trip in our own backywards

Great holiday breaks in our own state backyards

Traveling within our state is the ultimate choice rather than to not travel at all. It’s time to explore our own country.

September 10 is national R U OK? Day

Mental health charity R U OK? are asking us to reach out to our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to ask how they are really doing.

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Strata Matters

Building Defects
Building defects – are we protected?

Buildings defects can cause much angst from owners, it may give rise to disputes with builders and, depending on the particular defect(s), may require significant expense to rectify.


'Transformer' rooms and robo-furniture set to remake our homes
‘Transformer’ rooms and robo-furniture set to remake our homes

Furniture such as the Ori ‘Cloud Bed’ is lifted and lowered from a ceiling recess to create space that doubles as bedroom and living room – right before our eyes.

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