German Xmas

Festivities around the world – how do different cultures celebrate?

Yuletide traditions vary from country to country and sometimes even generation to generation. But what is almost universal is the way families choose this period to come together to ensure their children get the chance to share in the magic of Christmas.

Smart home automation in kitchen controlled by futuristic digital tablet

Top gadgets to brighten up your kitchen this season

With new technologies, changing habits and evolving food trends, an endless stream of gadgets and appliances hit the shelves every year. So, what items will be the kitchen gadget of choice in the next 12 months?

Christmas Cheer

Caring and sharing – spread Christmas cheer

If we’re being honest, we’re probably all a little guilty of not fully embracing the spirit of Christmas like we used to. It’s just that as we grow older our work commitments or studies and our family life can be time consuming. Time stands still for nobody.

She loves to get crafty

Getting crafty

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of parents faster than when learning rain is due during the school holidays. Here’s our top tips for helping you and your adorable offspring avoid cabin fever.

Smart Home Control With Tablet

The art of home automation

Home automation could soon impact everything from the age of the eggs in our fridge to the tables in which we change our babies. But what will our homes of the future actually look like?

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Community spirit surpasses virus threat

As residents living in an apartment building or high-density community development, we all have responsibilities.


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My skin’s dry with all this hand washing

As crucial as hand washing is to prevent the spread, it’s easy to get dry skin or for existing skin conditions to flare up. What can I do?

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