Easy gardens that don’t lose the pot

Clustered potted gardens look great indoors and out with options to suit any space and taste.


Take me away…

Keen to leave your home and explore the great outdoors? A mini-break could be just what you need.

Christmas in July celebrations

Let’s start all over again with Christmas in July celebrations. This time with an open fireplace or fire pit to stay cozy and warm, not wild bush fires.

Time to take care of you

Taking mental health breaks is important for us and our workplace.

Experiencing homelessness to help it end

Every night tens of thousands of people here in Australia do not have a safe and warm place to sleep.

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Strata Matters

Standing up to committee bullies - you are NOT welcome here
Standing up to committee bullies – you are NOT welcome here

Message to strata bullies: bodies corporates and owners corporations operate as democracies, not as dictatorships.


Winter fire safety tips

They frequently cop the blame yet it seems discarded cigarettes, forgotten candles and faulty electric blankets are not the only fire dangers that strata residents need to keep an eye on during the cooler seasons.

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