Springing into a great sale

Spring is a great time to sell your strata property but what are some of the strategies you should employ to ensure your strata investment is ready to hit the market?

Kingscliff beach NSW

Local managers looking after locals

When looking for a sea change, or simply a change in pace, the trend has often been to head north, whether that be far north NSW or to Queensland.

Let the celebrations continue for Children’s Week

Today’s hump day is Children’s Day and just so happens to be right in the middle of National Children’s Week.

What does the perfect buyer look like?

Developers understand that being able to identify your target market is critical when seeking to sell fast and for maximum value but it is just as relevant for every day investors.

Location: why up to two-thirds of property investors get it wrong

How likely is it that where you happen to live will always outperform every other location?

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Alex Land CEO Smarter Communities
Homelessness is no urban myth, it’s very real

For over 116,000 people nationally homelessness is a reality. An unfortunate reality they would prefer not to experience.

Strata Matters

Outsourcing the complexities of strata

Given there may only be a few apartments to manage in smaller blocks, some ask why go to the expense of professional strata management when it can be handled internally amongst the owners?

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