Let the Lunar festivities begin

While many strata residents welcomed in the new year on December 31, the celebrations are only just beginning for those who choose to follow the Chinese calendar.

Hoping to get in shape for summer?

Ditch the fads in favour of a diet more likely to stick. The benefits of a juice cleanse or detox aren’t likely to be sustained over time.

A mobile phone for Christmas doesn’t mean less family time for teenagers

Phones, tablets and laptops are usually at the top of many teenage wish lists at Christmas.

Festival season in full flight

The post-Christmas period is the start of Australia’s much lauded festival season.

Bushfires and drought – how you can help

How you can show your support for those impacted by drought or fire.

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Strata Matters

How to navigate the renovation tide

Renovating a strata titled property doesn’t always have to involve a lot of expense. But undertaking changes to your unit or townhouse without proper authorisation can prove a very costly exercise.

Strata Matters

Changes to the rental bond scheme

The New South Wales Government consulted with the public earlier in the year on possible reforms including those affecting property industry stakeholders.

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