Two female friends by poolside on vacation

Common area etiquette – the unwritten rules

Anywhere there is a common area you will find at least one group likely to claim the space as their own. But what are the unwritten rules around shared amenities? Anna Musson is of the firm opinion that getting along with your neighbours is an essential life skill. As the founder of social etiquette training school Good Manners, she spends…

Businesswoman working

How to achieve a healthy balance in work and life

Emotional stability is a key plank in achieving a good work life balance. But what are the other parts of the equation? Ronit Baras doesn’t profess to have all the answers but after 30 years in business reckons she might have a thought or two to offer when it comes to achieving work life balance. Baras believes that in order…

Real estate agent with couple in luxury home.

Top tips when preparing your home for sale

Personal circumstances, market conditions and the national economy all play a part in driving home owners to sell. But what can you do to help ensure your home is looking its best to appeal to potential purchasers?

Plastic bucket with cleaning supplies in home

The rise of the home services sector

Poor work life balance coupled with increasing demands on our time are leading more Australians to consider outsourcing their domestic chores. But what does it cost and why should you consider it?


The way forward – clever household storage solutions

Martha Stewart knows the value of a good storage hack. But where should we mere mortals look when trying to identify safe ways to store our possessions without breaking the bank?

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Valentine’s Day is for all to experience
Valentine’s Day is for all to experience

The romantic meaning of Valentine’s Day has existed since the Middle Ages. It is celebrated every year on February 14 and traditionally it is the day to show your affection for another person or people by sending messages of love through a card, flowers or gift.


Apartment Living
Shape the future of apartment living

Did you know 10% of Australia’s population live in apartments. To put this in context,…

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