Happy group of friends singing and playing music together

Flatmates – how to share your home

Sharing your home can be a great way to reduce your household bills and meet new people. But it’s also important to ensure your bases are covered should the worst happen.

Young woman reading a book while relaxing on tropical island

The ultimate weekend

A weekend away is the ultimate indulgence but where do those for whom money is no object choose to spend their time? Luxury weekends away, however, are more easily attainable for a growing number of Australians than they are for the rest of us.

Happy girl holding airplane toy and children near

Child’s play

There has been much written about the difficulty faced by parents hoping to lessen the time their children spend in front of a screen. Yet there are a multitude of different ways to get your children more active – not all of which involve formal exercise.

Portrait of smiling family with children at beach in car

Free fun for frugal travellers

Complaining about the cost of city living is something of a national past time in Australia. Yet what is often overlooked is that this country is also best in class when it comes to offering city inhabitants fun activities for gratis. While Australia’s state capitals aren’t the cheapest places to live, most offer a wealth of options when it comes…

Unhappy young woman feeling sad

Social marriage – what happens when it goes south?

Unlike in many other countries, de facto relationships in Australia are protected by law. But what are your rights when the relationship sours and who should you turn to for help?

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The perfect apartment could be closer than you think

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Fall in ageing Australians’ home-ownership rates a shock for housing policy
Fall in ageing Australians’ home-ownership rates a shock for housing policy

Increasing numbers of older Australians face a harder time paying the bills when they retire because they’ll still be paying off a mortgage or renting a home.

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