Acts of community kindness

Acts of community kindness

As the devastating bushfires continue to cause chaos, our news feeds are being flooded with stories of losses, homes, people, wildlife and of our countrymen fighting. However, amidst all this sadness, stories of our Australian spirit are rising through. Australians are banding together to support the victims and the brave firefighters, offering everything from food, accommodation, words of strength and funds.

From the amazing fundraising efforts by notable people such as comedian Celeste Barber raising over $36 million dollars in donations in three days, to offers of beds, meals and amenities cropping up over Facebook, people all over our country are doing what they can to help. With so many people and animals finding themselves without a home to stay, websites like Find A Bed –  a community of volunteers connecting those people and animals in need of emergency accommodation, are being created to ensure these victims have somewhere to go.

An overwhelming amount of gratitude to volunteers and fire fighters from all over the country is being seen everywhere, from sincere notes of thanks left on fire station doors to small business owners rallying together to fill trucks of food, drink, and essentials that are in desperate need.

Food and drinks left for volunteers.


As well as some heartfelt replies such as this one to property owner Tara Moss, which she found upon returning back to her property.

Stories of resilience are emerging from inside bushfire affected communities, as we see time and again, when crisis hits Australia, the fighting and supportive Australian spirit shines true. Supporting each other is what we do best.

Those of us who live in cities and are not in fire effected areas can still help in many ways, even while socialising, with many events cropping up to raise money. From local musicians putting on shows to chef’s banding together and creating one off dining events, with all proceeds going to bushfire relief.

Time out Sydney has a list of events whose proceeds will all go towards bushfire charity fundraisers. Bushfire Relief Events

If you’re into Tennis, A special AO Rally for Relief exhibition match is just one of a range of fundraising events.

Melbourne folk can wine and dine while doing their bit to help. A list of food and beverage places whose proceeds are helping the cause can be found here on Broadsheet.

We here at Smarter Communities, are deeply saddened by the bushfire tragedy and the impact it is and will have on people, wildlife and the livelihood of communities around Australia. We understand that it will be a long, hard road to recover for many and we want to make a positive contribution to help those in need.

Over the coming days, we will be making significant contributions to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Appeal both in a lump sum donation as well as  offering a “dollar matching” program for any donations made by members of our team.

Together we can make a difference to those in need.





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