Lovethy Neighbor

Community spirit surpasses virus threat

In solidarity, we can make a difference to those in need. We know we can.

Australian communities have been doing just that for decades. We’ve witnessed the tremendous support from the community to help those in drought-affected areas, storm-damaged regions, and more recently those affected by horrendous bush fires.

It’s now time to come together once again as a community to help one another through a different kind of crisis.

Community spirit

As residents living in an apartment building or high-density community development, we all have responsibilities.

We share spaces with other owners and residents, and we rely on each other to play our part in keeping our home and its surrounds clean, tidy and hygienic.

Practice good hygiene

If you are feeling unwell, wear a face mask when outside of your apartment to prevent germs from spreading.

Consider sharing your mobile number and/or email address with a neighbour in case of an emergency.

Practice social distancing. Do not overcrowd hallways, foyers or lifts.

Be neighbourly

Check on the safety of your neighbours, particularly the elderly or disabled.

Offer to shop for those who can’t shop for themselves.

Be extra patient should children be quarantined. They too could be struggling with being couped up.

Encourage all residents to practice extremely good hygiene habits, like wiping down gym equipment after use if you’re lucky enough to have an onsite gym.

Consider sharing resources such as Wi-Fi or even an extra roll of toilet paper with neighbours.

Love thy neighbour

In trying times, a little extra kindness and tolerance can go a long way. This is your home, your community and you can make a difference.

Remember – be empathetic, be neighbourly, look after each other and don’t partake in panic tactics. Calm and getting information from trust sources is key.


For more information or the latest update on COVID-19, please refer to the Department of Health or call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.


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