Interior trends you’ll love

If recent experiences have taught us anything, it is the importance of a safe, secure space called home in which we feel comfortable.

Yet it seems one of the many side effects of our time spent in lockdown is a growing love affair with doing all we can to make our lives easier.

Whether it’s smart home products that make us feel safer or labour saving devices that allow us to spend less time in the kitchen, we are all ears when it comes to new ideas that take the hassle out of day-to-day living.

And why wouldn’t we? We’re all time poor and we love convenience, right?

In the interests of keeping your work to a minimum, Smarter Communities has turned to interior experts to discover what they believe will be the key trends in Australian strata properties over the spring, summer and beyond.

Light it up

Unsurprisingly smart lighting is set to continue being a key feature of the future. Instead of having to make your way across the room and flick on four separate buttons to light one room, smart lighting now allows you to press one button to turn on all lighting for a given room or floor.

Now, motion sensors in key areas can even signal the automation system to switch off lights when a room has been vacant for a period of time. While at night you could program your lighting to ramp up to 15% of capacity to ensure you can see but are not literally blinded by the light.

USB-rechargeable LED light strips are also in hot demand. Cordless and able to be attached to any magnetic indoor surface, they switch on when they detect movement and turn off automatically. They work a treat in hard to see areas such as inside wardrobes, doors or under kitchen cabinets.

Or if your teenagers are like mine, they’ll install them in their bedrooms to look cool 🙂

Buy in bulk

Budget furniture chains recognised it years ago but now mainstream retailers are cottoning on to the fact that selecting all the colours, textures, fixtures and fittings that make up an entire zone can prove overwhelming.

As such, forward thinking designers and retailers such as Beaumont Tiles and Breeze Furniture know the value of offering stylist-curated packages for their customers to pick from.

Available in an array of different themes, they can include everything from tiles, hardware, vanities, toilets and shower screens in a bathroom to side tables, window dressings, bed heads and dresser tables for bedrooms.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Floor While Mother and Daughter Playing on the sofa

Next level robotics

Few of us enjoy getting on the end of a mop. But just as our vacuuming experience has been enhanced by the invention of an automated version, so too will mopping with a range of robotic mops now on the market.

Able to be used over most types of wood, laminate and tiled flooring, each features microfibre cloths that scrub your floors and pick up dirt.

All that is required is for you to fill up the tank, press start, and allow them to run. There are numerous models on the market with some able to be controlled by phone or voice, and some hybrid models even perform double duties as robot vacuums.

Keyless entry

Accessible via a keypad, fingerprint, or your smartphone, smart door locks are rapidly becoming the most popular way to efficiently and conveniently enter your strata apartment.

They can even be integrated with your home assistant so you can instruct your door to unlock itself.

Eradicating the issue of lost keys, some smart locks even have built-in alarm functions or a proximity lock feature that triggers when you approach or move away from the lock, helping to improve your home’s security.

Modern smart locks with keypad facilities typically usually allow you to program multiple codes into their keypads allowing you to assign unique codes to different people and be notified as to who is coming and going from your apartment.

As always, and if in doubt, check with your committee members or your Community Manager for more details.


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