Who’s the boss now?

Ginger, Bindi, Phoebe, Cookie and GiGi are just a few of our fur kids that rule the roost.

With more of us confined to our home quarters our pets must be confused, and possibly suspicious, why their humans are spending so much time at home with them.

No doubt they think they are the winner out of these crazy uncertain times!

Get grooming

But while we’re working from home it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on their grooming, and we can do it in small doses during our work breaks.

It’s a proven fact that patting a pet can reduce stress levels. They love it. We love it. They need grooming. So pull out the brush or comb and get petting. Your groomer will secretly love you for it.

If you find they’re ‘helping’ you work a little too much, invest in some interactive toys to keep them occupied. Like anyone, they too want attention and can resort to undesirable behaviour to get it.

Cookie insisting on attention even though we have articles to write.


Exercising and playtime

Social distancing rules now mean playtime at the park or trips to the beach are on hold, but they still need to stay physically active to prevent from boredom and experiencing cabin fever.

When you can, take the dog outside for a brisk walk to burn energy. Use common sense and avoid crowded places.

For cats a laser pointer works a treat or interactive toys they can chase. When our pets have been physically and mentally challenged, they’re calm and happy. Not unlike their humans.

Reward good behaviour

Bear in mind that nervous or vocal pets may find it challenging settling down to a new routine, with their humans home more than normal, interrupting their naps and daytime antics.

If your pet has been on their best behaviour, they should be rewarded for this. Just like we reward ourselves with a bikkie with our coffee, a small snack or a belly rub could mean the world. Just don’t be tempted to over feed them. Or yourself 😊

Gigi was on the job while uploading this post


Have fun with fur kids

Yes we’re currently in unchartered waters, but it will pass. We just have to ride it out the best way we can and listen to instructions from the relevant authorities. Seek any answers you need from credible sources.

But in the meantime, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with our fur kids. Celebrities do it all the time on social media.

Pets are naturally curious. If they hear new voices they are likely to investigate. Who wouldn’t want to see a cute little furry face poke up in a video conference call with colleagues?

Go with it, make someone else smile. Enjoy this time with them because it won’t last forever.


Hero photo; Ginger (chief finance officer) sleeping on the job.

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