Better the (mortgage) devil you know?

Free strata webinar for Qld owners

Strata Community Australia – SCA (Qld) is pleased to offer a complimentary introductory strata webinar to provide an overview of the industry for owners.

This webinar will help educate owners how to better maintain their important asset and aid their decision making.

As volunteers in the fourth tier of government, strata regulations and legislation can be very daunting. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the strata sector is a great way to begin your owner knowledge, helping you to contribute and make a difference in your community.

The webinar will also help you to understand the role of a body corporate manager.

This is a great educational opportunity for owners if you can make time to join in this Thursday.

SCA (Qld) would love to see you online at this free event this Thursday, 7th May from 2-4pm.

Please email the SCA (Qld) office to register.

Enjoy 🙂


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