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The benefits of a large, established strata company

Running a busy 250+ lot apartment complex is no easy feat for the committee at a luxurious Wentworth Point strata community.

And the beauty of this particular strata community is just that, they are a united community led by a united committee where residents enjoy the benefits.

Throughout the year residents can join in on fun activities organised by the committee including Christmas BBQs, Easter egg hunts and regular garage sales.

Behind the scenes is a team of owners who love where they live and genuinely want other residents to feel the same. The committee volunteer their own time and collectively dedicate many hours to ensure the successful management of the property.

STM has been supporting the strata committee to achieve their goals for over five years.

According to owner and Chairperson, Ray Vidler, STM is a great source of knowledge and expertise when assisting the Strata Committee manage the property.

“One of NSW’s largest strata companies, STM has qualified resources available at hand and multiple internal departments including marketing, repairs & maintenance, insurance, levies, finance, fire and compliance.

“We’ve also been allocated a dedicated accountant to work directly with our treasurer and building manager. These all assist in the efficient and effective management of our property.

“By having these separate departments, STM’s Strata Community Managers and assistants can concentrate on addressing the larger issues concerning the management of our large strata scheme and leave the details to the experts within each department.”

STM has a large range of trusted service providers available to offer to clients when needed, with some relationships going back over 30 years. Being part of a national group, STM also has the internal resources available to deliver innovative and technical solutions to owners corporations.

Utilising these resources over the years was Ray in his role as a committee member.

“Taking advantage of the resources available to us while managing our large strata scheme has made my life as Chairperson and BMC representative position much easier.

“Our building runs smoothly because of the professionalism, knowledge, resources and experience of STM. They have certainly added value and improved our community since they took over the management of our scheme more than five years ago,” says Ray.


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