kids in toilet

Message to relentless flushers: pause before you press

Sounds simple enough and most residents are smart enough to know what belongs in the loo.

Yet there is a growing number of residents that, out of ignorance or just sheer foolishness, think its ok to flush items that just aren’t flushable.

So here it is. Please do not flush anything down the toilet other than human body waste. Yep, that means urine and faeces. Oh, and toilet paper.

And those ‘flushable’ wipes you bought thinking they were ok to flush? Uh uh, not so much.

The toilet is not the answer to rid of items that actually belong in the bin.

Basically, if you did not eat it or drink it, then don’t flush it. Toilet paper is the only exception.

Residents who ignore this message and cause a blockage may find themselves with a hefty invoice.

If an investigation identifies you as the culprit, then be prepared for consequences. Costs for any building repairs or replacement carpet may be applied to the offending lot’s account.

While we’re all spending more time in our home than we’re used to right now, continue to practice good hygiene in and outside of your home. Look after one another.

Remember: wipes and paper towel will clog your pipes but poo and wee won’t hurt them.

If reading this prevents a drain blockage and costly repairs, then this story has been worth it.



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