Remain vigilant as the schoolies season continues in full swing

Remain vigilant as the schoolies season continues in full swing

It could possibly be the longest three weeks of the year when thousands and thousands of Year 12 school leavers from all over the country descend on their preferred holiday destination to celebrate the end of their schooling life.

For many schoolies that destination is north, most likely the Gold Coast, and typically accommodation will be within an apartment.

So, if you live within an apartment block that is used for short term holiday letting, you surely have already taken into consideration the impact schoolies may have on you and your apartment block for this duration.

Impacts such as noise, excess rubbish, and careless use of common property.

Schoolies obeying by-laws

A body corporate may already have in existence some ‘house rules’ for the use of common property and amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums.

However, while these might be useful in promoting behaviour expectations, house rules are not enforceable unless they are legally registered as by-laws.

Strata law does place some limitations on the scope of by-laws, meaning a by-law may not discriminate between the type of occupiers within the strata scheme. Like schoolies.

That means a body corporate cannot prevent a schoolie from using parts of common property that other occupiers are entitled to use and for which there is no exclusive use by-law.

Sharing is caring and knowledge is good

A body corporate could proactively provide information to all occupiers, including schoolies, about the building’s by-laws and the safe use and enjoyment of lots, balconies and common property.

Depending on the block this could be done by either placing notices on the noticeboard or in a common area… or simply by chatting with occupiers to make them aware of the expectations.

Patience is a virtue

For most, the schoolies season will soon be over. It’s a timely reminder that we were all young once. Be considerate, be patient and be a good neighbour. Safety comes first so if you see anything undesirable, call for help.

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