Salute to the sanitisers

Credit when credit is due to everyone doing their bit to fight off germs and infections. Wearing face masks, wiping high touch surfaces frequently, practising good hygiene and sanitising plays a role in preventing the spread of germs.

As we lean towards the convenience of using disposable sanitising wipes around our homes, it’s a timely reminder that these belong in the bin after use, not down the toilet.

Wet wipes, paper towels, facial tissues and sanitary products do not break down like toilet paper does, and this can lead to blockages.

While we’re spending more and more time at home, and we’re cleansing and sanitising more frequently than most of us have ever cleaned before 😊, please also look after your plumbing. Which in turn will also look after the environment.

Items not designed nor manufactured for flushable use can impact the environment and public health. Not to mention it could have a massive impact on your plumbing and your neighbours.

So please, only ever flush the 3Ps; that’s poop, pee and (toilet) paper.

We thank you for doing the right thing…put wipes in the bin.


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