An eggsellent spirit of community at Palermo

Residents at Palermo Apartments in Sydney’s Wentworth Point enjoyed a community Easter egg hunt last Saturday, courtesy of the strata committee.

Posters were placed in common areas promoting the event which was open to all residents in the 245-lot complex.

Almost 100 residents including 30 children spent a pleasant Autumn afternoon in the gardens searching for chocolate eggs with their neighbours.

Considering 19% of household types living in apartments have children, this is a fantastic turnout but not a surprising one.

After the egg hunt the strata committee arranged afternoon tea and residents each brought along a plate of food to share.

Palermo’s strata management company, Strata Title Management (STM), sponsored the egg hunt by providing the chocolate treats for residents.


Palermo committee members (L – R) Troy Veron, Audrey D’Mello, STM’s Patrick Rush, Paul Woodley and Pala Wilshaw


STM Regional Manager, Patrick Rush, attended the event and was overwhelmed to see the strong community spirit within the complex.

‘This is such a special place to live. The grounds are beautiful, the people are friendly, and the strata committee are truly a pleasure to work with.

‘They care deeply about the place where they live and dedicate a great deal of their own time to make it an even better place to live. It was obvious from the event they planned on the weekend.

‘Watching the excitement from the kids and seeing the joy on their faces was priceless. And let’s face it, some of the adults got a kick out of the chocolate egg hunt too,’ said Patrick.

Having a dedicated, functional strata committee makes such a difference for all residents within a community. They help build a sense of belonging and manage the complex for the benefit of all owners.

When you see the community come together for an event like this, then hang around afterwards to mingle and share nibbles with neighbours and their families, that’s a good sign of a high performing strata committee and a functional harmonious community.

Click here for characteristics of a high performing community for your strata scheme.


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