The essence of etiquette with apartment living

The essence of etiquette with apartment living

Etiquette is the science of living. It enables people to get along with friends, work colleagues and neighbours without causing offense or harm. It is ethics. And it is not difficult to apply.

Proper etiquette begins by showing respect for others, being honest and trustworthy, putting others at ease, and showing kindness and courtesy to others.

Let’s take apartment living into consideration where the essence of etiquette needs to be applied every day. Always.

Top 10 etiquette rules of living in strata

  1. Keep common areas and your own property clean and tidy. Use the bins provided.
  2. Pet owners – pick up your pet’s poo, bag it and bin it.
  3. Smokers – pick up your cigarette litter and bin it.
  4. Park in your allocated car space/s only.
  5. News travels. Keep conversations private by speaking at a discrete volume.
  6. Restrict noise including from your tv and music. Respect noise deadlines at all times.
  7. Flush body waste down the toilet only. If you didn’t eat it or drink it, don’t flush it!
  8. Be considerate of others in your building. A little understanding can go a long way.
  9. If you see something amiss or broken, report it to your building manager or strata manager to be fixed.
  10. Lastly, abide by the rules of your property. They are in place for good reason.

Back in the early days, etiquette used to be the glue that held society together. As time evolved unfortunately some common etiquette rules have gone by the wayside. It’s time to revive them.

For those new to strata or new to the country, and as a reminder to the long-term strata dwellers, common courtesy can play a major role in a body corporate or owners corporation living in harmony.

Rules are in place to protect all owners and residents. Abide by these rules to prevent unnecessary angst amongst your community or worse, hefty legal costs for mediation. Life is too short, live in harmony with your neighbours. After all, this is your home.


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