Three C’s top the complaint list

What do candles, car spaces and children have in common?

They are amongst three of the most common complaints received by strata community managers of late.

And when we say complaints, we mean our managers being on the tail end of abusive, bullying and downright unreasonable phone calls, emails and online rants from residents.

With more residents now house bound, now is the time for a little leniency within a strata community.

The thing is these should not even be issues.

Candles and incense

Candles and incense have long been used for ceremonies of various kinds. Today we tend to use them for enjoyment and for relaxation purposes.

So if a resident chooses lavender over vanilla, and a little waft of it heads your way, please be kind and allow your neighbour to enjoy this in their home.

Car spaces

Car parking issues within a strata complex often get residents all revved up when their designated space has been taken by an offending vehicle. And who could blame them.

Parking spaces have been allocated for a reason. Residents, park in your own space. Not in your neighbour’s car space or on common property.



Children have a place in apartments and they too would be feeling the effects of not being able to do their regular routines.

Through no fault of their own, or yours, they are now house bound for schooling, for playtime and exercising. They have energy to burn and yes, sometimes this can be noisy. Parents are doing their best. They too are learning as they go with home schooling, juggling work and managing a household. Everyone is trying. Most of us are tired and just trying to do our best.

If you are able to help out a neighbour, please let them know.


Remember, committee members are volunteers. They give up their free time to represent your body corporate or owners corporation. They too have not experienced a pandemic before and are doing their best for their community.

Strata community managers directed by the committee and are in the same boat.

Compassion and tolerance rather than complaining

Before you pick up the phone or draft an email to complain about issues in your apartment building, think twice before dialling or sending.

These times won’t last forever. There’s a common saying on social media saying Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing of, so be kind, always.

Never before has this been truer.


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